Create your network diagram.

Introducing is a web based brainstorming tool for IT networking professionals. Other leading diagram tools are extremely feature rich, but are often too complex to be used to quickly brainstorm ideas. Some of the many ways you can use are to: Architecture and Design. Quickly think visually to build architectures and game out different deployment options. Disect your mockups by using ink mode to create a digital dry erase board on your design. Share your url with co-workers to collaborate on designs, two heads are better than one. With a pro account you can email or download your designs once you've finalized your architecture. Troubleshooting Map the data path of the network you're troubleshooting to quickly gain extra understanding of what is actually happening. Use diagrams to explain the root cause to managers and co-workers. Use your pro account to download your design and attach it to any tickets or documentation needed. Teaching Disect specific scenarios and create diagrams on-the-fly to help students gain better understanding of your topic. Use ink mode to explain step-by-step how things work. Respond to questions visually, allowing students to present different scenarios ensuring the topic can be covered from all angles. Share the diagram link with your students and allow them to colaborate.